InfoWorks WS Pro Introduction Course

Melbourne, Australia - September 14-15, 2017

This two day course introduces all aspects of building and running an InfoWorks WS Pro hydraulic model. The course is aimed at those new to InfoWorks WS Pro

and those interested in extended their modelling skills. The content of the course is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of participants to answer any particular questions they may have.

Topics to be covered in the course include:

  • Setting up and maintaining an InfoWorks WS Pro database.
  • Importing data from other software packages and GIS systems.
  • Auditing the modelling process.
  • Modelling pumps, valves, reservoirs and other hydraulic structures.
  • Demand allocation.
  • Creating controls
  • Running model simulations
  • Presenting and reviewing results

The course is filled with numerous hints and tips and practical advice based on the experience of InfoWorks WS Pro users around the world.

The course will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm each day. Lunch will be provided.

Registration Fee

AUD$1,000 (+gst) per day / per person

Further Details

Contact Information

Phone:  +61 7 5506 5704
Australia:  1800-664-816 (free call within Australia)
New Zealand:  0800-205-305 (free call within New Zealand) 

Email:  or

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