Flood and Stormwater Modelling Workshop

Sydney, Australia - September 12-14, 2017

Our workshops provide a completion certificate for 7 hours of Structured CPD which may be used for chartered members of Engineers Australia.  Certification of participation in our training courses is included for all workshop attendees.

Level: Basic & Intermediate

About the workshop:

XP Solutions Workshops cater to a variety of skill levels and now also includes guidance on ARR 2016.

To make the best use of class time it is recommended that anyone who attends a training go through the Getting Started Manual for xpswmm or xpstorm. This requires access to a license of the software. If you do not have access to a license, please contact your representative.

Classes start at 9:00am (registration at 8:45am) and finish at 5:00pm. A 1-hour lunch will be taken at around 12:30pm.

Course Outline:



  • Good model setup
  • xpswmm or xpstorm Interface
  • xpswmm/xpstorm Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • File management
  • Model control and object creation tools
  • xpswmm/xpstorm layer control
  • Pulldown menus
  • Icons
  • Model output review tools
  • The user will build a simple network using the tools to get familiarity with the XP interface
  • Hydrology Analysis (including ARR 2016)
  • Ensemble modelling
  • BoM 2016 IFDs
  • ARR Data Hub
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling
  • Laurenson (RAFTS) Hydrology Method
  • Digital terrain modelling 
  • CAD and aerial images 
  • GIS integration to create network entities 
  • Import nodes, links and catchments from shape files
  • Use xpswmm/xpstorm tools to calculate subcatchment areas
  • Connect subcatchments to runoff nodes.
  • Creating design storms
  • Loss processes and models 
  • Analysis and review results
  • CAD and aerial images
  • Advanced Storm Water Hydrology
  • Rainfall statistics
  • ARR statistics utility and box plots
  • Simulation using continuous rainfall data
  • Rainfall import options
  • Setting up global storms
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Create a Model with xpswmm/xpstorm for 1D Hydraulics
  • Outfall conditions
  • Check a xpswmm/xpstorm model
  • Run a xpswmm/xpstorm model
  • Review a xpswmm/xpstorm model


Advanced Stormwater Modelling Tools

  • Rational hydrology for sizing system
  • Automated design of stormwater pipes
  • Tools for determining missing data
  • Culvert and road-overtop flow modelling
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Outfall boundary conditions
  • Inlet modelling
  • Dual drainage analysis
  • Ponding options
  • Pond storage and optimisation
  • NEW Assessing performance of detention basin infiltration
  • NEW Comparing pre and post development discharges
  • NEW Assessment of flow control devices
    1D River Modelling
  • River Links
  • NEW Import HEC-RAS model
  • Generate cross-sections from a Digital Terrain Model
  • Modelling Bridges (Multi-Links vs. NEW Bridge Link)

DAY 3 

Integrated 1D/2D River and Culvert Modelling in xp2D

  • 2D model theory
  • 2D modelling with culverts
  • Linking 1D (Channel) and 2D model
  • Creating 1D and 2D domains
  • Flow boundaries and 1D/2D integration
  • Land use patterns
  • 1D river floods and 2D overland floods
  • 2D model troubleshooting
  • Flood inundation mapping and hazard classification
  • Solving and 2D map and vector results tools
  • Exporting inundation maps to GIS
  • Advanced 1D/2D Integrated Modelling in Urban Areas with xp2D
  • Linking stormwater drainage to 2D modelling
  • Integrated 1D/2D urban flooding example
  • Modelling buildings
  • Distributed hydrologic modelling using rainfall on 2D grids
  • Scenario manager and 2D modelling of flood mitigation
  • Flood levee modelling
  • NEW Multiple domain examples in an urban area
  • NEW Emergency response tools

    Q&A (balance of remaining time)

Further Details

Starts: 12th September 2017

Ends: 14th September 2017

Location: Sydney, Australia

Type: Training Course

Status: Available

Workshop Pricing

$1,995 AUD

Please contact ausales@xpsolutions.com for training rates in the Asia Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand.


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