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Tweed Heads, Australia - May 2-3, 2018

Innovyze provides personalised training for InfoSurge, the world's premier transient analysis and modelling software for water distribution systems.Transients in water distribution systems are a major concern for pipeline analysis, design and operation as they have the potential to wreck or damage pipeline systems and equipment, induce adverse water quality conditions, reduce system efficiency, and threaten the integrity and quality of supply as well as public safety. Transient analysis of the performance of piping systems is often more important to the engineer than the analysis of the steady state operating conditions which we normally used as the design basis. Pressure surges (waterhammer) developed during startup and shutdown, and/or under accident conditions such as loss of power to the pumps or inadvertent valve closure, can easily exceed steady state values. Cavitation or excessive pressure surging during transient operation can lead to pipeline or component failure. Surge control devices are often required to prevent the development of such conditions. The proper selection and evaluation of these devices requires a reliable transient flow analysis.

In this comprehensive two day course you will receive hands-on training for the InfoSurge suite of features.  At the completion of the course, you will have the ability to perform advanced pressure surge simulations for analysing mission-critical transient events, including cavitation and various commonly employed surge suppression/protection devices such as open surge tanks, closed surge tanks, discharge tanks, pressure relief valves, surge anticipation valves, air release/vacuum valves, and pump bypass lines.

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