Introducing Innovyze’s next generation of asset management solutions (EMEA)


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The next generation of Innovyze’s asset management solutions are on the horizon.

Join us in this webinar to learn how our new family of asset management software packages can:

  • Incorporate an asset centric information management system for all of your water and wastewater network data and information
  • Provide an asset management plan that records the location and condition of all your assets, that you can update daily as assets are added, removed, surveyed, or repaired
  • Manage your condition survey and inspection data and information including documents, images and videos 
  • Optimise your capital improvement plans according to your budget and risk priorities
  • Find problems proactively, and prioritise and schedule repairs
  • Streamline management of your field crews and make their record-keeping easy and quick

Enable people inside and outside your organisation to view and interact with your data, so everyone’s up to date with a single version of the truth

We look forward to showing you what the next generation of Innovyze asset management solutions has to offer.

Presented by:

David Totman, Director of Asset Management



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