Optimising Asset Capture



Reliable data enables better decision support through analytics and water utilities are increasingly being challenged by Big Data. So how can your utility more effectively collect, store and share this data?

A previous Innovyze webinar demonstrated how SCADA data provides a view of what is going on in the system right now at discrete locations in a water network, displaying historical trends for visualisation and analysis.

But getting data from the field to the office in a timely way may already be a challenge for you. Imagine being confident that all your field data is uploaded to the office in the evening, ready for processing by your office staff in the morning! What if ā€“ by using the same system ā€“ your call centre can register customer complaints and incidents occurring on the network!

In this webinar, you will learn how Innovyzeā€™s solution enables our users to improve the capture and management of business critical data related to the operation and maintenance of their water and wastewater network assets.

Presented by David Monteiro.  

David is an engineer in urban and river hydraulics. With great knowledge of modelling software, David was in charge of several hydraulic projects on Reunion Island, especially at risk of urban and rural floods. After completing his MBA at the IAE in Nice (France), David wanted to get closer to the business development and marketing of the companies. David is now managing the Asset Management portfolio products (InfoNet, InfoNet Mobile, InfoMaster)

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