MWH Soft Ships Eighth Generation of H2OMAP Sewer, Powered By Revolutionary Automated Intelligent Design Technology

Innovation Introduces Cost-effective Design and Expansion of Wastewater Collection Systems

Broomfield, Colorado USA, February 7, 2007

In a radical technology breakthrough for wastewater utilities worldwide, MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, today announced the release of the V8 Generation version of H2OMAP Sewer, its professional geospatial modeling software for municipal sewer collection systems.

In response to customer feedback, this latest version introduces valuable user-driven enhancements and functionalities, along with architectural and database improvements that make sophisticated sewer systems analysis and design applications fast and easy to use. Chief among the new functionalities inV8 is Automated Intelligent Design Technology, which for the first time puts expert-level, high performance techniques in the hands of every user. These tools facilitate automation of the most challenging wastewater collection systems design, expansion and rehabilitation activities, making wastewater engineers more productive and their organizations more competitive.

H2OMAP Sewer is used worldwide by municipal engineers and planners to create detailed, accurate models of sewer infrastructure systems. These models enable users to evaluate the effect of new developments, zoning changes, and other additional loads on system flows; pinpoint current and future problem areas; predict overflows and backups; and determine how best to restore needed capacity lost to infiltration and inflow with a minimum of rehabilitation. Users rely on these models to compute hydrogen sulfide generation and corrosion potential; analyze the rate of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) exertion; track sediment movement and deposition; calculate the amount of pollutant transported to the wastewater treatment plant; and assess pollutants’ impacts on receiving waters. The application also provides vital tools for meeting and exceeding environmental regulations and improving community relations.

Toppling the notion that powerful software is necessarily complex, H2OMAP Sewer V8 delivers advanced design functionality and exponential increases in efficiency while simplifying its use. Users can now quickly and reliably design new sewer collection systems that consider standard design criteria such as flow depth-to-pipe diameter ratios, velocity, slope, soil cover depth, and pipe crown drop. Using user-input manhole locations, H2OMAP Sewer V8 calculates the optimal pipe size and slope, invert elevation of conduits and manholes, soil cover depths at both ends of each pipe section, and cost of excavation and reinstatement to meet target design criteria. Results can be reviewed using profile plots, color coded sewer maps, or comprehensive tabular reports. They can then be automatically updated in the model database, simplifying the model-building process.

Together, these important capabilities will help wastewater utilities worldwide dramatically raise productivity and efficiency by rapidly developing practical and optimal capital improvement strategies that minimize costs while improving system reliability, integrity and performance. By making engineering professionals more productive and their organizations more competitive, V8 delivers benefits utilities can pass on to their customers through better designs and higher quality standards, achieved in a shorter turnaround time.

H2OMAP Sewer advanced geospatial technology continues to revolutionize the wastewater industry and GIS marketplace,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, President and COO of MWH Soft. “We are constantly striving to improve the overall sewer infrastructure analysis and design process for our customers by adding new modeling capabilities and pushing the envelope through pioneering technology. As a result, our customers will see scores of new easy-to-use features and functionality, allowing them to model and design more complex systems with increased speed and flexibility. Our latest version gives users the trusted tool they need to identify the most cost-effective ways of keeping their systems operating efficiently into the future. We are confident that it will influence wastewater design engineering for years to come.”

Pricing and Availability
Upgrade to H2OMAP Sewer V8 is now available worldwide by subscription to the Gold or Platinum program. Subscription members can immediately download the new version free of charge directly from The MWH Soft Subscription Program is a friendly customer support and software maintenance program that ensures the longevity and usefulness of MWH Soft products. It gives subscribers instant access to new functionality as it is developed, along with automatic software updates and upgrades. For the latest information on the MWH Soft Subscription Program, visit or contact your local MWH Soft Certified Representative.

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