PressureWatch V1.5 Delivers Greater Accuracy, Usability, and Innovation in Real-Time Network Monitoring and Anomaly Detection Software

New Release Combines 24/7/365 Smart Water Network Management Expertise with Unprecedented Economic, Operational and Environmental Benefits

Broomfield, Colorado, USA, February 26, 2013

Redrawing the boundaries of smart water network innovation, Innovyze, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today released the V1.5 Generation of PressureWatch for drinking water distribution systems. This revolutionary real-time water network monitoring and anomaly detection software extends the utility of smart network modeling to include SCADA data acquisition plus predictive forecasting and condition assessment capabilities. It will change the way water utilities around the world use pressure, flow and tank level data and network modeling to obtain real-time identification and warning of network performance problems, leaks, breaks, loss of system integrity, and other operational inefficiencies. It also empowers users to foresee and pre-empt future network failures before they become major problems, and prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Globally, water demand and energy costs are rising, resources are diminishing, aging water infrastructures are rapidly deteriorating, and the problems of water loss and leakage are relentless. In the U.S. alone, drinking water systems maintain more than two million miles of distribution mains, with about 237,600 breaks occurring every year. An estimated seven billion gallons of drinking water are wasted every day — a staggering 2.6 trillion gallons annually. In addition to wasting a great deal of water, excessive leakage can cause contaminant intrusion problems under low- or negative-pressure pipe conditions (transient conditions), which can lead to detrimental and even fatal water quality episodes.

Lacking standardized techniques for evaluating distribution systems and developing proactive procedures, water utilities are managing their water networks in a reactive mode, largely responding to emergency breaks and water main leaks. PressureWatch gives owners and operators the unprecedented ability to visualize and assess their network hydraulic performance in real time, compare current network dynamics with historic data, and recognize changes — allowing them to manage their water networks in a more effective and highly proactive way. By enabling them to rapidly detect water-usage deviations, sudden pressure, flow and tank level changes and anomalous hydraulic conditions, this state-of-the-art predictive technology puts utilities at a tremendous advantage in managing their water supply and distribution systems more efficiently — taking rapid, informed actions to minimize water leakage, reduce pipe break frequency, save energy, lower operational and maintenance expenses, enhance water quality, optimize system performance and integrity, increase sustainability, improve service to customers, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Designed for online applications with existing SCADA systems, pressure and flow meters and sensors, PressureWatch automatically reads and analyzes incoming real-time field data, instantly updates the calibrated network model and predicts hydraulic behavior. It then compares this data with natural variation of historical data (based on time of day, day of week, season of year, etc.) and uses advanced mathematical, statistical and network solving techniques to instantly pinpoint the onset of anomalous hydraulic events that operators can evaluate and act on. For example, high nighttime flows in specific areas could be an indicator of excessive leakage; unexpected low pressures, excessive pumping, or a drop in storage tank levels in a specific area could indicate a large main break.

PressureWatch can not only detect anomalous hydraulic conditions resulting from pipe rupture, leak and break incidents, but spot unexpected “normal” events like sensor malfunctions and equipment failures. It can also differentiate anomalous events from background variability; minimize the number of missed detections; and compute and report the likelihood of false alarms  screen them out using advanced pattern matching and recognition algorithms. These are fundamental advances in how effectively water utilities operators monitor the operational efficiency and integrity of their networks and take remedial action the moment breaches are detected, to quickly mitigate adverse public health and economic impacts. Operators can now make better predictions and smarter decisions, and target more effective interventions.

Easy to learn and use, PressureWatch is available as a stand-alone Windows program that runs on nearly any computer or as a complementary module of IWLive. Unlike complex “software as a service” (SaaS) solutions, it can be up and running in just a few minutes within the controlled security of the utility’s local computer. At the same time, PressureWatch’s unique integration with network modeling and GIS enables water operators to quickly identify viable solutions (e.g., locate the appropriate valves to close to isolate a main break and determine affected customers) and make decisions based on reliable predictive analytics and system dynamics rather than intuition. These critical differences make this the first time water utilities of all sizes have been able to use geospatial network modeling to optimize network maintenance and management securely and at very low cost. They also greatly enhance utilities’ ability to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Version 1.5 delivers new benefits in three key areas: (1) Higher productivity via automated importing of InfoWater projects; a new comprehensive dashboard that expresses real-time data in compelling, easy-to-view graphs, gauges, charts, bars, overlays, map views; detailed reporting; and complete data export flexibility. (2) Greater fidelity via improved pattern recognition techniques that minimize false alarms. (3) Enhanced communication through customizable alerts (email, twitter), including main break notifications.

“Water utilities and engineering consulting firms around the world rely on Innovyze’s best-in-class smart water network solutions to optimize and sustain their wet infrastructures,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President and Chief Operating Officer of Innovyze. “In PressureWatch V1.5 we’ve upheld our tradition of listening to our customers, quickly providing enhancements and functionality to help them manage and operate better, safer, more efficient and reliable systems. This milestone solution will strongly support water utilities worldwide in improving the efficiency and integrity of their distribution systems and ensuring more reliable operations at maximum cost savings.”

Pricing and Availability
Upgrade to PressureWatch V1.5 is now available worldwide by subscription. Subscription members can immediately download the latest version free of charge directly from For the latest information on the Innovyze Subscription Program, visit or contact your local Innovyze Channel Partner.

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