Innovyze celebrates anniversary of joining with XP Solutions

Provider of InfoWorks ICM, MicroDrainage, XPSWMM and InfoWater aims to better serve clients

Portland, Oregon, USA, June 15, 2018

We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of Innovyze and XP Solutions merging. Founded originally in 1996, the newly combined Innovyze is the number one global provider of water infrastructure data analytics software.

The two companies joined forces last year to create the broadest simulation, operational analytics and asset planning portfolio for the water market, including:

  • InfoWorks ICM: advanced catchment modeling solution with fully integrated 1D & 2D simulation capabilities.
  • InfoNet & InfoMaster: Asset management software that helps companies prioritize the repair and rehabilitation of water and wastewater assets, so that they meet their financial, customer service and environmental targets.
  • SCADAWatch: Real-time analytics, which alert companies to data anomalies, giving them early warning of problems such as leaks and demand spikes.
  • InfoWater: Water distribution modeling fully integrated into ESRI ArcGIS.  
  • MicroDrainage: The UK’s de-facto standard drainage design software.

Colby Manwaring, Innovyze chief executive, said, “We have a winning formula of industry experts, innovative R&D, world-class applications and dedication to client support. Since the merger we’ve been able to collectively support this formula better than ever. And it’s only going to be growing.”

While discussing the future of Innovyze products, VP of Product Management Greg Kowalsky expressed optimism and dedication to client success. “It’s a complex challenge, but we have people who gravitate to solving hard problems. We want to be listeners first, to understand the challenges [our clients] face so we can meet their needs.”

Looking towards the future of Innovyze product development Kowalsky added with a touch of humor, “In 5 years water infrastructure might operate as easily as Google Maps. Are we going to have a CSO event tomorrow morning? You’ll be able to get an instant alert and estimate ahead of time.” By combining Innovyze modeling solutions with advanced real-time monitoring, this may not be far out of the realm of possibility.

Clients should be on the lookout for upgrades to WSPro regarding the option to run on the EPANet engine and speed enhancements for XPSWMM. The team will also be busy at work pursuing the next generation of MicroDrainage.

In the past year, Innovyze has released multiple product upgrades including InfoWorks ICM 9.0, MicroDrainage 2018.1 and XPSWMM 2018.1 improving product functionality, presentation and accuracy of results. Clients are empowered to solve complex problems efficiently and confidently.


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