2D Modelling Series Pt 3: 2D Modelling with Direct Rainfall


This continues our three part series on 2D Modelling.   In this third and final installment, we take a look at the direct rainfall approach or “rain on grid”. This approach is often used as an alternative to catchment based, 1D hydrological modeling and is increasing in popularity.

  • Are you confident that you are considering the appropriate losses in your Direct Rainfall model?
  • When should a Direct Rainfall approach be used, and when should it not?
  • How does the Direct Rainfall approach compare to traditional methods?

Bill Syme joins us again sharing his experience with 2D modeling to help expand upon the theory and practical applications. This webinar will help you improve your skills and understanding of 2D modeling by learning when to take this popular approach and what key issues need to be considered. We also explore the implications for roughness and infiltration when applying rainfall directly onto the 2D domain.

CLICK HERE to download the PowerPoint used in the presentation.

CLICK HERE to view the list of Questions & Answers from the end of the webinar.


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