Flood Modeling Case Studies by HR Green

Every flood modeling project provides its specific set of challenges, be they dealing with existing sewer systems, river levees or dense urban areas. In this special webinar presentation, engineers from HR Green  share their experiences with recent flood modeling projects in the upper Midwest that include:

Cedar Rapid, Iowa Flood Protection- Interior Drainage Analyses 

Following the devastating flood event of June 2008, Cedar Rapids aggressively pursued flood protection from the Cedar River in the form of east and west side levee systems. With HR Green leading the planning and design effort for the west side, a major interior drainage analysis was undertaken to review stormwater pumping needs, surface and infrastructure conveyance conditions and surface ponding conditions for planned and natural conditions.  Previous studies completed utilizing Federal funding used only a surface conditions hydrology model.   When HR Green began the more detailed review, a switch to a 1D/2D xpswmm model was completed.  

Floodplain Conveyance Conditions in 1D and 2D Scenarios

This project addresses urban flooding in a suburban community in northeast Illinois.  The project entails an existing flood storage area at the upstream limits of the project which drains to a undersized local storm sewer system as well as overland flows through a residential neighborhood to another storage area downstream as well as to a channel with a designated floodplain.  One of the goal for the project was to solve the flooding in the residential neighborhood without increasing peak discharges in the downstream channel.  A 1D/2D xpswmm model was chosen to model the study area and to come up with inundation areas for the different storm events.  

HR Green Guest Presenters:
Teresa Stadelmann, Project Manager
Michael Ryan,  Technical Advisor- Water Resources
Ralph StarkTechnical Advisor- Water Resources


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