Intro to Sanitary Sewers (Part 1)

by Adam Rose, P.E., GISP
Water & Sewer Products Manager

  • Are you tasked with either building a new sanitary sewer model or updating and managing an existing model?
  • Do you have questions about best practices in the design and implementation of your model?
  • Do you have questions about how the physical parts of the system behave or are represented in a hydraulic model?

Watch the first part in a series of discussions focusing on sanitary sewers. This video focuses on the components that make up the overall physical system and on the development of dry weather flows under various conditions. The discussion is both theoretical and practical, with the goal of the attendee leaving with a solid understanding of all major aspects of the operation and control of a sanitary sewer system. Future webinars will cover wet weather flows, calibration, pumps and data validation to further develop your knowledge in the field of sanitary sewer hydraulic modeling.


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