H2OMAP Sewer is sunsetting and no longer available for purchase. The good news is that InfoSewer is available, easier to use and easily imports H2OMAP models. Contact us to learn more!

Efficiently and Easily Analyze Your Sewer Collection System Performance

H2OMAP Sewer


Sanitary, Storm and Combined Sewer Design and Modeling

H2OMAP Sewer - click to enlarge H2OMAP Sewer is a powerful, stand-alone GIS-based computer program for use in the planning, design, analysis, and expansion of sanitary, storm and combined sewer collection systems. The program can be effectively used to model both dry-weather and wet-weather flows and determine the most cost-effective and reliable method of wastewater collection. Built using advanced Object-Oriented Geospatial Component model, H2OMAP Sewer seamlessly views, manipulates, and exchanges GIS data sets with incredible ease and simplicity.

Utilizing a rigorous and versatile network modeling solution, H2OMAP Sewer supports geocoding and multiple mapping layers which can be imported from one of many data sources including Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings (e.g., dwg, dgn, dxf), CAD world files, standard GIS formats (Shapefiles, Generate files, MID/MIF files, and ArcInfo coverages), Vector Product Format (VPF) files, Spatial Database Engine (ArcSDE) Layers, attribute tables, grid data, image files, ODBC, and Comma Separated/Delimited Text (CSV) files. The program also directly supports the new geodatabase standard of ArcGIS through an ArcSDE connection.

H2OMAP Sewer surpasses its competitors with fast and comprehensive hydraulic and dynamic water quality computational capabilities such as steady-state analysis using various peaking factors and automated system design, along with sophisticated dynamic solution of the St. Venant's equations considering flow attenuation, time of concentration, source tracing as well as pollutant, BOD, sediment transport/deposition, hydrogen sulfide and corrosion modeling. It utilizes a full-featured, state-of-the-art hydraulic, water quality and sediment transport computational engine. Through the use of extensive scenario management functionality, the program is also capable of analyzing existing or proposed sewage collection systems. In addition, H2OMAP Sewer advanced fast looped force main modeling algorithm allows accurate steaty state and extended period simulations using peaking and non-peakable manhlole flows.

H2OMAP Sewer Pro adds very sophisticated rainfall-runoff modeling for representative peak flow computation and dynamic routing of combined sanitary sewerage and stormwater throughout the collection system, equipping wastewater utilities with a powerful tool for predicting unwanted overflow events and backups and developing sound remedial alternatives for eliminating CSO, SSO and stormwater problems, meeting environmental regulations, and improving system management, operation and community relations.

The program also offers a complete, database-driven open-architecture environment, which makes it easy to manage and distribute geospatial data as well as exchange important modeling information with other applications and enterprise GIS systems. Because the program creates and stores all graphic data in a native shapefile format, H2OMAP Sewer instantly becomes an integral part of your data warehouse, compatible with any other GIS application. You can now visualize your sewer collection system at a glance and develop informed, cost-effective and reliable solutions concerning system expansion and improvement.

H2OMAP Sewer - click to enlarge

H2OMAP Sewer Usage:

• Master Planning
• CMOM Program Planning
• Facility Sizing
• Wet-Well Design
• Facility Management
• Outlet Configuration
• Operations Study
• Pump Cycling
• Real-time Simulation
• Infrastructure Rehabilitation/Replacement
• Peak Flow Effects
• Flow Capacity Evaluation
• Overflow Management
• Infiltration/Inflow Modeling
• System Deficiency Identification
• System Improvements
• BOD Modeling
• Odor Control
• Source Tracing
• Pollutant Contribution Analysis
• Discharge Permit Compliance
• Corrosion Control
• Treatment Process Efficiency Evaluation
• Sewage Age Improvement
• Sediment Modeling and Impact Analysis
• Sensitivity Analysis
• Alternative Analyses
• Dynamic Loading Comparison
• Flow Monitoring Design
• Model Calibration
• Operator Training
• Capital Improvement Program Development
• Capital Budgeting
• Impact Fees Determination
• System Expansion
• New System Design
• System Layout Mapping
• Dynamic Profiling
• Project Management
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