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InfoMaster FacilityWatch is a customer service application for a water, sewer, or storm water utility and its customers to collect and manage customer service incidents data.  With InfoMaster FacilityWatch a citizen or a utility professional can report any geo-coded water or sewer system incident (e.g., water main break, sewer overflow, odor or taste issues, etc.) related to any asset (pipes, manholes, valves, catch basins, pumps, tank, etc.) directly from their mobile phone, upload pictures and video,  while viewing GIS information on maps authored by the utility's own ArcGIS Server.  InfoMaster FacilityWatch also offers a perfect combination of ease-of-use and flexibility.  It is preconfigured to work 'out-of-the-box' for water, sewer, and storm water utilities – just connect to your InfoMaster server and start collecting data.  As each utility will have slightly different work flows for how it collects data, InfoMaster FacilityWatch allows users to customize each of their data collection forms.


  • Citizens or employees can log complaints/incidents/issues directly from their mobile phones
  • Incident information is instantly uploaded and geocoded
  • Incident data collection and editing
    • Use GPS or the map to identify the incident location
    • Attach photos and/or movies to related incidents
    • Intelligent customizable form-based data entry

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  • Access to InfoMaster Mobile Server
  • iOS 4.0 or higher



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