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InfoNet Mobile


Effortless Data Collection from the Field

InfoNet Mobile provides utilities, engineering consultants and contractors with an off-the-shelf solution for collecting field data and transferring it seamlessly to the office environment. InfoNet Mobile has been designed to work alongside the sophisticated and robust InfoNet infrastructure management system, giving users greater confidence both in the ease of initial implementation and its ongoing use.

InfoNet Mobile

Enhanced Collection Processes

InfoNet Mobile provides an efficient replacement for paper-based data collection methods. However, the solution goes further as an integral part of an optimized data lifecycle. Planners and engineers can use InfoNet to schedule data collection tasks, and work orders are passed to contractors in the field using InfoNet Mobile. The solution allows entry of not only text data, but also the addition of photos and drawings to significantly enhance survey quality. Collected data can then be sent immediately back to an InfoNet database, making it instantly available to those who requested it.

Sophisticated Data Verification and Tracking

At each stage InfoNet Mobile, combined with InfoNet, ensures that the highest quality data is collected. As a starting point, the single entry nature of InfoNet Mobile means that the opportunity for human error is substantially reduced. On top of that, InfoNet Mobile’s forms allow a high degree of control over data entry, with options such as required fields and acceptable field ranges. Finally, InfoNet adds a further level of confidence in data by allowing advanced data validation checks, along with its powerful features of data flagging and complete data version control.

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Convenient, Cost-Effective and Customizable Implementation

InfoNet Mobile is easy to install and use on mobile devices with minimal requirements. It is fully compatible with the latest Windows and Android operating systems, meaning that the solution can deployed quickly on a variety of off-the-shelf field and mobile devices. Support for either a built-in or add-on GPS receiver is standard. Data collection forms are effortlessly created in the InfoNet Mobile Office Client using a toolbox of simple drag-and-drop components; once created, forms can easily be deployed to all field devices. With the addition of the InfoNet Suite extension, InfoNet Mobile is able to support data collection for virtually any asset type or inspection record that is required. As a result, InfoNet Mobile is fully customizable for almost any task while needing minimal ongoing maintenance.

Optimized Data Transfer Technology

Field devices can use a mobile data connection to connect and synchronize with the office, not only to upload collected data, but also to receive work order updates. InfoNet Mobile has been designed from the ground up to minimize data transfer, meaning that this process is both fast and cost efficient. InfoNet Mobile is also able to work completely offline, allowing teams to continue their work where a data connection is not available. The field device can then be synchronized at a later time, either when a mobile data connection is again available or with access to an office network. The flexibility of the solution means that InfoNet Mobile can operate in any environment.

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