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InfoWorks Viewer will be of interest to those people taking delivery of InfoWorks models from consultants, and those who are involved with the auditing of models built by others.

The InfoWorks Viewer allows you to import existing InfoWorks databases and view the data and results. Everything appears just as it does in InfoWorks. It is fully functional with respect to its ability to view data and results in the various graphical and grid views. This applies for both static and time varying data and results. It is also possible to import any Map layers (ArcView or MapInfo), so the models appear exactly as they were built. The entire audit trail resulting from the model build process is also preserved. There is no restriction on the size of model or length of simulation results that can be viewed.

Because it is a 'viewing only' tool, it is not able to amend any data, or set up any new simulations. However, it can be used to re-run any simulations that have previously been run to completion in a full copy of InfoWorks. This avoids the need to include results when producing transportable databases that are being passed to a third party that only has InfoWorks Viewer and dramatically reduces the size of the .IWC file.

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