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MicroDrainage MDSuDS

MDSuDS is the powerful addition to MicroDrainage for designing and analysing SuDS. It is the ideal software solution for designing sustainable drainage networks to mitigate flooding, minimise land take, control polluted run-off, improve amenity and to enhance biodiversity.

MDSuDS' highly visual, graphical site representations makes its simple and easy to use. It is the only drainage design software with Flow Through Structures technology, and turns MicroDrainage into the perfect tool for designing combined sustainable and traditional drainage networks. Learn More.


Improve Pre-Site Planning & Maximise Land Return

Optimise the size of SuDS to maximise land value and minimise land take. Natural catchment and blue/green corridors can quickly be assessed so that SuDS can be designed more accurately, without approximated oversizing - also saving construction costs later in the project.

Detailed SuDS Design Made Quick & Easy

Hours spent using spreadsheets and tables to approximate and calculate structure sizes, is now a thing of the past. MDSuDS sizes individual SuDS and then analyses how well the whole network will control flows and reduce pollutants. And with the intuitive drop and drag interface, siting and modifying SuDS is simple and easy.

Simulate Discharge for Better Flood Control

Better understand the mitigating impact of a SuDS network on downstream flooding. With MDSuDS, MicroDrainage can produce more realistic simulations of the flow through a network of structures. The design can then be refined to reduce that network's discharge.

Flow Through Structures (FTS)

Exclusively available to MDSuDS users is the latest 'Flow Through Structures' (FTS) technology. This manages the advanced design process in MicroDrainage for modelling the lag and attenuation of water flow in a network of SuDS, to give a more realistic simulation.

Identifying Natural Channels

The deluge function enables a quick analysis of the main flow path and ponding areas. This allows an effective investigation of the topography of the site in order to determining the ‘blue’ and ‘green’ corridors, comprising of receptors and pathways across the surface of the existing site.

MDSuDS to Network Integration

SuDS designed in MDSuDs can be quickly easily drag-and-dropped into a MicroDrainage network. The imported structure replaces either a manhole or pipe to provide a more accurate, fully integrated model.

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