SCADAWatch Suite
adds complete user-level customized paper and electronic reporting capabilities to SCADAWatch. The Suite extension adds major innovations in real-time business operations by empowering users at all levels to run and generate their standard reports effortlessly, and always with up-to-date information. As a result, they can make and report on better decisions faster and increase productivity by being in control of reliable, continuously updated information.

With SCADAWatch Suite, utilities can now consolidate key performance indicators to effectively monitor critical assets, quickly spot changes and patterns, identify areas that need immediate attention, instantly create internal and regulatory reports, and optimally manage operations — without adding to IT overhead and with little or no training.

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The Suite equips users with sophisticated electronic and paper reporting capabilities, helping them compile and create accurate business and regulatory reports instantly, at a click of a button. The Suite extension includes two modules: report and report designer. The report designer module lets users create highly comprehensive custom report templates using any combination of asset data from their role-specific dashboards. Once these tailored-specific templates are stored in the server, electronic and paper reports can be generated at any time through the report module. Users at all levels can now instantly create and run predefined content reports on up-to-date data without IT assistance. By putting users in control of information, the Suite helps increase productivity, lower operational and IT costs, and provide faster, more complete and accurate information processing and reporting and better decision making.

Discover some of the many reporting features:

  • Highly configurable
  • Supports saving and starting from a template
  • Drill Down, Multi-column, Side by side reports
  • Appearance customization
  • Includes charts, tables, shape, pivot grid, spark line, win controls, and lot more
  • Export to PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, CSV, Image, and other formats.


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