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Create 2D grids of varying sizes to improve the speed and quality of your model.

The Multiple Domain add-on feature for xp2D allows several domains to be added to a single model. Each domain can have its own grid extents, time step, grid cell sizes and orientation. Separate domains are linked by 2D/2D interface lines.

Multiple 2D Domains are often used to reduce the number of cells in a 2D modelling project. Large cell sizes are used in areas where fine detail is not required or where a large area is to be modelled. Small grid sizes provide more detailed analysis of varying terrain, channels and urban areas.

For example, a cell size of 1-2 meters could be used for the flow in a narrow channel of say 10m wide and then a separate 2D grid of 10 meters could be used for a rural floodplain. Flow from one 2D Domain can be joined to another with the 2D/2D Interface polyline tool that exchanges flows between the two distinct 2D Grid Extents.

As another example, a 1D domain of a river system may have several 2D domains embedded to represent several urban areas where a more detailed 2D analysis is required. Another scenario is to use a coarser 2D grid linking to a finer resolution 2D domain over the area of interest.

Emergency Planning | XP2D Manual | Brochure | Request Demo/Info

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