Predictive control using AI

What is Emagin?

Emagin learns from your plant's operations to provide outcome-driven recommendations. Now, you can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your water and wastewater treatment operations. The result is smart, lean, and compliant operations for any industry where water or wastewater treatment is significant.


Foresight is 20/20

Emagin's predictive control provides operators with the ability to make decisions based on dynamically forecasted conditions. Run your system knowing that costs are managed and objectives are achieved.


Responsible and efficient system management

No-hassle onboarding, seamless integration of existing IT investments, and user-friendly dashboards. Now, operators can work smarter by eliminating countless hours spent chasing the data needed to make critical decisions.


Digital twin made easy

Emagin builds an AI model of your system from process flow diagrams and is trained with historical SCADA data. Operators can review system conditions in real-time via the SCADA network and choose an optimal operating mode based on chosen targets.


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