Training Course

Essential Sewer Modelling & Planning with InfoWorks ICM Sewer (Aus)

At the end of this training course, thanks to the mixture of lecturing, hands on exercises and sharing points of view with other water industry colleagues, you will develop the required skills to model and analyse the whole sewer system and provide initial inputs on sewer master plans using InfoWorks ICM Sewer Edition. Reserve your space – click the course date in the blue panel. Or for future dates, contact us.


Registration fee: $2310 without GST

Duration: 2 days


Day one


· Chapter 1: Product Overview

· Chapter 2: The InfoWorks ICM SE Project

· Chapter 3: Creating an InfoWorks ICM SE Model

· Chapter 4: Working in the Interface

· Chapter 5: Dry Weather Flow Setup and Simulation

· Chapter 6: Basic Output Review


Day two


· Chapter 7: Wet Weather Modelling Setip

· Chapter 8: Additional Results Review

· Chapter 9: Working with Scenarios and Multiple Networks

· Chapter 10: Flow Surveys

· Chapter 11: Ancillaries, Forcemains, and RTC

· Chapter 12: Additional Importing and Exporting Tools

· Chapter 13: Storage Exercise (Optional)




Your trainers

Orlando Guzman

Orlando has 25 years’ experience specialising in hydraulics and hydrology in urban environments. He is currently leading the Innovyze Asia Pacific Product Support Team and has a long and demonstrated history of working not only in Australia but at an international level in both the private and public water sectors.




Q: What does it cost?

A: You can find the cost of the course on the right-hand side when you select the online training course option. Training course prices vary per course.

Q: How long does it take?

A: On-line and in-person training courses usually run over two days. Each day will contain two, three-hour sessions that include breaks in between.

Q: What is our method of online training?

A: We use the GoToTraining virtual platform. This is a very easy user interface and your trainer will guide you through its use.

Q: Do we provide licenses for the duration of the training?

A: Yes for all courses besides those that feature XP products. Each registered participant will be sent their licence prior to the course commencement date.

Q: Do we provide course notes and data?

A: Yes, course notes in .pdf format will be provided.

Q: What is the maximum number of attendees?

A: Our general maximum number of attendees is 8 per course. This allows our trainers to effectively train and answer your questions throughout the course.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for the trainee doing an online course?

A: For online courses you will need a computer that is capable of running the software and the on-line training session. We suggest one screen for the training session and another screen for the software to run if you are able. Also required is a headset and microphone. All of these points will be covered with each attendee a day or two prior to the course starting.

Q: Will there be certificates and feedback forms?

A: Yes, these will be emailed after the event.

Q: Will the training be recorded?

A: Only some training sessions will be recorded. Check with your trainer prior to the course if your session can be recorded.

Q: Who can I contact with any further questions? A: You can reach out to our Client Services team on +61 7 5506 5700 or [email protected]

Check back soon for a recording of the webinar!