Training Course

ICM Introduction (UK)

This course is aimed at anyone new to InfoWorks ICM as well as users who have experience of the InfoWorks suite of software.

The InfoWorks ICM software will be introduced, looking at the database management, exploring the GIS user interface and model creation tools. Model build, simulations and results analysis will be covered in detail as well as looking at modelling ancillary structures and the implementation of real time control. The course will build towards the attendee creating an integrated urban drainage model within InfoWorks ICM combining an urban drainage model with a fluvial model. This will be built on to introduce the 2D capabilities of InfoWorks ICM and a 1D-2D model will be produced as well as exploring the more advanced mesh editing capabilities.

The attendee should leave the course with a solid foundation in the principle features and capabilities of the InfoWorks ICM software.


Registration fee: £1654pp (+VAT)

Duration: 3 days


Online learning

The courses will be conducted using WebEx/GoToTraining software, which allows two way communication between the instructor and the class.

To participate you will need two screens, one to run the software and the other to watch the presenter or their screen. A headset with microphone would also be very useful.

You will operate the software using a ‘virtual’ computer which we will provide and which you can access from your computer, whether from home or in the office. We will provide you with login details a day or so before the course starts. This virtual machine includes the software and data required to run the course. In other words, there is no need for you to install the software on your computer, to participate in the training.

Training notes will be posted to you in advance of the training.

Class sizes will be strictly limited as we understand the challenges associated with remote learning.

Reserve your space – Reserve your space by filling in the form on this page.

Once you have reserved your space, you will receive a follow up email with registration information.


Teaching method

Participants are guided through a series of practicals by computer hands-on training interspersed with Powerpoint presentations.


A basic understanding of computers is required. Some familiarity with GIS or Microsoft Office programs would be advantageous although not essential. Understanding of urban drainage systems and/or river systems would also be helpful although not a requirement. Familiarity with the Infoworks suite of software may also be of use.


Course Agenda

Day 1: 1D Basics

· General overview

· Database functionality

· IT Implementation

· Navigating the network

· Version control and scenarios

· 1D sewer model

· Rainfall and Boundary Conditions

· Running a Simulation

· Reviewing Results

Day 2: 1D Advanced

· Ancillaries

· Real Time Control

· River models

· River structures

· Coupling 1D models

· Troubleshooting Models

Day 3: 2D

· Introduction to 2D modelling

· Analysing 2D results

· Advanced mesh building and editing

· Coupling 1D-2D models

Check back soon for a recording of the webinar!