InfoAsset Mobile

Connect the office to the field

What is InfoAsset Mobile?

Connect the office to the field with InfoAsset Mobile. Allowing colleagues to share updates, new data and monitor progress without interrupting workflows. Make forms that work the way you do and create your own reports.


Maintain data integrity between office and field

With automated synchronization of asset, work, and map data between the office and the field–operations and maintenance decisions are always based on most up-to-date information, and utilities can make the most of their field work investment.


Prioritize, create, and schedule
work orders easily

Automatically dispatch scheduled maintenance and repairs to field crews from the office. Create repeatable scheduled work orders and assign multiple tasks of different types to work packages. Field crew supervisors have the flexibility to re-schedule or 
re-assign work while in the field.


Complete field work and transfer it to the office seamlessly

Carry out work either connected or disconnected in the field. All completed work can be synchronized with the office either wirelessly, when the crew returns to the office, or scheduled as batch upload of completed work at particular times during the day.


What you can do with InfoAsset Mobile

Collect field data efficiently

Configure field data entry forms for all types of activities and for various personas, so that collecting field data is made easier, more efficient, and more accurate.

Manage field crews and track work conveniently

View, reschedule tasks, and monitor work progress and productivity. Deliver most up-to-date documents and publish new forms to crews’ mobile devices while in the field.

Plan, schedule, dispatch, and track work orders

  • Create unscheduled work for inspections, surveys, investigations, repairs, and cleaning programmes.
  • Associate work orders against assets and locate work orders associated with assets on a digital map.
  • Assign work to operations/maintenance field crews.
  • Monitor progress in the completion of work with work order status management.
  • Configure mobile applications to suit specific requirements of people, projects, departments, and initiatives.
  • Work in both a connected and unconnected state, not requiring an internet connection.
  • Field mobile work management supported on Windows and Android devices.
  • User configurable field form design tool.
  • Support simple or complex workflows that involve different types of activities
  • Capture and manage and store multiple media types – includes photography, videos, PDFs, etc.

Manage work crew, materials, resources (equipment, hydrants, etc.)

  • Evaluate and monitor crew workload.
  • Dispatch and re-assign work using calendar view.
  • Manage field crew time – holidays, sickness, etc.
  • Track location and routing of field crews.

Inspect assets, manage inspection data and monitor and evaluate asset condition

  • Supports national and regional pipeline and manhole condition management standards such as PACP, MSCC4/5.
  • Supports national and regional pipeline and manhole condition rating algorithms.
  • Record CCTV observations and capture video in the field.
  • Supports all types of inspections and surveys (e.g. GPS survey, manhole surveys, dye tests, smoke tests, meter tests, hydrant surveys, etc.).
  • Track and monitor field crew performance.
  • Email and toast notification of assigned and completed work.

Record, monitor, respond, and address incidents and customer complaints

  • Ability to use incidents to initiate work orders/tasks in the office and in the field.
  • Associate incidents to customer addresses.
  • Associate incidents to failed assets or off-network locations.
  • Display incident hotspots on map.
  • Track incident status through workflows such as initial customer interview, inspection, and work scheduling and completion.
  • Associate incidents to the asset that fails either during initial inspection or post-intervention.