Accurate representation of water distribution networks

Reduce operating costs and improve service with comprehensive water distribution analysis and modeling tools. Hydraulic modelers, engineers, and GIS practitioners of all experience levels can benefit from a wide range of capabilities from spatial analysis and visualization to scripting and automated model maintenance.

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Water Distribution software

Comprehensive and collaborative water distribution analysis and modeling.

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Optimize planning, design, and operations of your water distribution network for ArcGIS users.

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Model you water supply network with hydraulic and water quality simulations, demand prediction, and pump optimization schedule.

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Water industry resources

Meeting customer demands for clean water

Bristol Water addressed critical improvement projects to improve water quality and increase customer satisfaction using InfoWorks WS Pro.

How to find critical pipe bursts

InfoWorks WS Pro provides a scalable and reproducible method to perform a burst criticality assessment.

Adapting water distribution system models for surge analysis

Three unique customer stories were highlighted to demonstrate the efficient application of InfoSurge with InfoWater Pro. Discover how to mitigate the system-wide risks associated with pressure surge events in pressurized systems.