Integrate your water tech for live modeling

What is ICMLive?

ICMLive is a live modeling tool that integrates with hydraulic models, SCADA historians, and weather forecast databases. It provides a near-real-time view of network performance and alerts your team to adverse events.


Protect lives

Integrate this forward-looking tool as part of safe systems of work to allow additional evacuation time for crews, as well as warning on potentially dangerous overland flow paths.


Avoid CSO spills

Reduce the chances of unregulated discharge events and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by considering all catchment factors in live simulations and receiving advanced warnings.


Reduce flood damage

Simulate system performance based on historical and forecasted storm events to proactively prepare for emergencies.


What you can do with ICM Live

Integrate your water tech

ICMLive connects with hydraulic models, SCADA historians, and GIS programs to provide near-real-time updates on system performance. It can take in radar data to forecast the impact of rainfall on collection system performance, flooding, and probability of overflow events.

Automatically harvest and quality check data

ICMLive’s accessible user interface can help both engineers and operators. You can get the latest data by building on the ICM Time-Series Database (TSDB) – automatically acquired and validated, then used within your ICMLive model.

Receive instant alerts for action

ICMLive lets you to run a 24-hour a day automated live modeling system with the ability to intelligently interrogate forecast conditions. You can also issue alerts based on logical variables where needed – enabling you to take proactive, preventative actions.

Perform scenario analysis

ICMLive empowers you to explore alternative control scenarios – such as turning on a pump earlier than planned – backed by real-time data acquisition and analysis. This real-time value optioneering can be incredibly valuable when determining the best course of action to address flooding or overflows.

Conduct powerful risk assessment

Don’t be caught off guard by adverse events. With ICMLive, you can analyze risks in real-time and act to avoid emergency scenarios. It helps you to maintain a constant overview of network anomalies to identify problem-prone areas.

Improve operations

ICMLive can be accessible for both engineers and operators. Model results can be presented to operators to improve day-to-day processes. You can carry out continuous simulations and evaluate varying operational regimes using real-world inputs to optimize your existing and proposed system behavior.

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