IWLive Pro

Confident decision-making for water networks

What is IWLive Pro?

IWLive Pro is an operational modeling tool for water supply networks. It offers both hydraulic and water quality simulations; predicts demand; and optimizes pump schedules.


Have confidence in your modeling

IWLive Pro verifies your InfoWorks WS Pro models constantly, so you can have confidence in the results of your simulations.


Choose the best responses

IWLive Pro helps identify problems, forecast conditions with and without mitigating actions, and assess the consequences, helping you choose the best actions.


Optimize and save

Visualise whether you can take advantage of cheaper night-time electricity for pumping.


What you can do with IWLive Pro

Use your data to its full potential

SCADA data on its own tells you only what happened in the past, up to the present moment. IWLive Pro adds modeling, to give you an idea of what’s coming up too. Because the tool has access to live data, you can find out immediately how good the predictions are.

Find out if your network is behaving normally

IWLive Pro compares your model’s forecasts to your live SCADA and telemetry data and alerts you to anomalies – which means your model isn’t up to date, or there’s a problem. If a discrepancy is because of a change in the network (such as a valve being closed), you can update the model. The software also predicts network performance over the next 24-48 hours.

Model 'What if?' scenarios

If you get an alert, your up-to-date model is ready to help you understand impacts. Operators can model ‘what if’ scenarios, such as taking off a pump for maintenance, or closing a valve to isolate a burst pipe, and seeing the impact on different parts of the network.

Give early warning to customers of service issues

The ‘what if’ scenarios enable you to manage customers’ expectations, giving them the greatest possible time to plan for any disruption. You can alert vulnerable customers. And protect your reputation.

Minimize energy costs

Work out your optimal pump schedule. Achieve the desired reservoir levels while minimizing pump switching and pumping energy costs

Be prepared for weather and holidays

As well as SCADA and telemetry inputs, IWLive Pro can take weather and calendar feeds. So you’re better prepared for heatwaves, storm, and public holidays.

Model on highly accurate demand expectations

Get accurate demand forecasts, boosting your modeling accuracy. Predict the next 1-2 days’ demand in district metered areas (DMAs), based on historical and forecast data such as the past few years of observed data, and the weather forecast.

No limits, with simultaneous simulation

IWLive Pro enables you to parallelize multiple runs. This means so you can split your simulations across multiple common cores, and get overall results faster.

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