Training Course

Introduction to InfoAsset Planner (US)


Two-day InfoAsset Planner training workshop with detailed instruction on InfoAsset Planner key features and practical step-by-step exercises to enhance learning objectives.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to use InfoAsset Planner to effectively import, manage and organize asset databases in a GIS environment. Students will also learn how to assess survey data, utilize capital improvement planning tools, log incidents, and create and distribute work orders.


Registration fee: $1995

Duration: 2 days


Training Requirements:

· Two Monitors

· Headset

· ArcGIS License

The web training will be conducted in three hour sessions twice a day. Please, see the training agenda for more information on the material covered in each session.

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Once you have reserved your space, you will receive a follow up email with registration information.


Day one

8:00 – 11:00 am MST Morning Day 1: InfoAsset Planner Start-Up

· Ch. 1 – Intro to InfoAsset Planner

o High-level overview of software purpose and capabilities

· Ch. 2 – Windows and Features in InfoAsset Planner

o Exploring the InfoAsset Planner Workspace

· Ch. 3 – Opening an InfoAsset Planner Project

o Customized Data Structure vs. Templated Structure

o Parts of Project Database

· Ch. 4 – Updating Facility Data

o Updating facility data from GIS data/external tables



1:00 – 4:00 pm MST Afternoon Day 1: Pre-Analysis and Configuration

· Ch. 5 – Work Management Data

o Importing and Managing Service Requests/Inspections/Work Orders

· Ch. 6 – Database Organization

o Inferences and Validations

o DB Editor and Background Layers

· Ch. 7 – Survey (CCTV) Data – Sewer Network

· Importing standard CCTV data

o CCTV Analysis

· Ch. 8 – Valve Criticality Analysis – Water Network

o VCM Analysis



Day two


8:00 – 11:00 am MST Morning Day 2: InfoAsset Planner Start-Up

· Ch. 9 – Pre-Analysis Rehab Actions and Costs, Baseline Replacement Tool

· Ch. 10 – CoFs and LoFs

o Creating configurable consequences and likelihoods of failure in IAP

· Ch. 11 – Risk Analysis

· Creating and comparing 5×5 risk analyses

o Facility selections\

· Ch. 13 – Rehabilitation Planning

o Creating decision trees and evaluating decision tree results


1:00 – 4:00 pm MST Afternoon Day 2: Rehabilitation Planning, and Reporting

· Ch. 14 – Data Miner and Reporting

· Ch. 15 – Project Prioritization

· Ch. 16 – Vertical Assets

· Optional: Ch 12 – Deterioration Modeling

o Cohort Models

o Regression Models

4:00 – End of training

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