Training Course

Introduction to InfoSWMM (US) 

Overview – Two-day InfoSWMM training workshop with detailed instruction on InfoSWMM key features and practical step-by-step exercises to enhance learning objectives.

Objectives – Innovyze provides personalized training for the most powerful GIS-based, sanitary and storm sewer collection system modeling and management software. The Introduction to InfoSWMM training course is for all water resource engineers and GIS professionals needing to create and analyze a wastewater system model. Upon completion of this course, you will have complete knowledge of InfoSWMM and will be able to create, maintain, run, and analyze your stormwater, wastewater, and combined collection system models and databases within a true GIS environment while interfacing with your GIS application software. In this comprehensive two day course you will receive hands-on training for the InfoSWMM suite of features and be able to perform essential tasks such as input and output comparison graphs and reports, database customization, database and result querying, mapping and labeling using GIS imported layers, importing and exporting GIS shapefile data, graphic animation sequences of time-varying parameters, custom-built reports, and much more. Establish hot-link connections to any system component to launch facility details, URLs, or schematics. Learn to perform sewer system analyses under various rainfall events. Analyze dynamic simulations which route loads over a series of timesteps. Identify optimal wet well cycling and pump operations. Evaluate comprehensive scenario schemes and facility configurations to plan and design for varying system loading and operating conditions. Extract and validate GIS data to the network model for efficient load, elevation or other customized data input using tabular or spatial joins with ESRI GeoDatabases and ArcSDE Layers.


Registration fee: £1995

Duration: 2 days


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Training Requirements:

Two Monitors


The web training will be conducted in three hour sessions twice a day. Please, see the training agenda for more information on the material covered in each session.


Day one

8:00 – 11:00 am Mountain Standard Time (MST) Morning Day 1:

· Ch. 1 – InfoSWMM Product Overview

· Ch. 2 – The InfoSWMM Project (Data Model)

· Ch. 3 – Creating an InfoSWMM Model

· 1:00 – 4:00 pm MST Afternoon Day 1:

· Ch. 4 – Working in the InfoSWMM Interface

· Ch. 5 – Dry Weather Flows

· Ch. 6 – Analysis Setup, Run, and Viewing Results


Day two 8:00 – 11:00 am MST Morning Day 2:

· Ch. 7 – Wet Weather Flows

· Ch. 8 – Scenario Management

· Ch. 9 – Analyzing Sanitary Systems and Applying RDII Flows

· 1:00 – 4:00 pm MST Afternoon Day 2:

· Ch. 10 – Water Quality

· Ch. 11 – Additional InfoSWMM Features

· Ch. 12 – Importing and Exporting

· 4:00 pm – End of training

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