Training Course

MicroDrainage: Checking and Auditing MicroDrainage Submissions (UK)

A course designed to help checking/development control engineers to assess a MicroDrainage submission. Note that this does not involve the use of the MicroDrainage software.

Who will benefit?

All engineers checking drainage networks for compliance with SFA, the Interim Code of Practice for SuDS, the Code for Sustainable Homes, Climate Change and Exceedance. A good practical knowledge of MicroDrainage is required.

What you will learn

The impact of a new development upon the existing catchment is a key aspect of this course, which covers determining greenfield runoff, SuDS feasibility, storage estimates, hydraulic performance and a full range of testing from minimum pipe diameters to self-cleansing velocities.

Registration fee: £634 pp (+VAT)

Duration: 1 day

Online learning

The courses will be conducted using GoToTraining software, which allows two way communication between the instructor and the class.

Unlike our other on-line training courses, this is a demonstration and discussion day. Therefore it is not required that the software be installed and only one computer screen is needed.

Training notes will be posted to you in advance of the training.

Class sizes will be strictly limited as we understand the challenges associated with remote learning.

Reserve your space – Reserve your space by filling in the form on this page.

Once you have reserved your space, you will receive a follow up email with registration information.


Key Topics

· The choice and application of rainfall.

· The importance of how much rainfall makes it to a sewer.

· Simulation best practice.

· Spotting when models are unstable and what to do about it.

· Calculating and defining limits of discharge

· Storage design including SuDS design

· Designing for exceedance

The course combines tutorials and training notes with hands-on exercises and tutor-led worked examples. Please note that this course has been developed for checking/development control engineers and contains elements of some other MicroDrainage courses.

Check back soon for a link to the on-demand training course.